In this pitch by Radio for an unnamed sports brand Sizzle was asked to create some music and sound sfx to set it off.

Funky modern flavours akin to Grandmaster Flash РThe Message were used with the help of Native Instruments Monark for that squelchy filtered bass line.

The guys at Radio’s timing of the motion really helped to find impact points i.e. the basketball being caught, skateboard landing on ground, golf ball being struck and ball landing in hole meaning that the whole piece visually and musically had pace and groove.

Sound-wise this project was fun. Making use of lots of sports samples which we augmented with extra bass slams for impact, whooshes to accentuate the movement of the camera and some weird sound design from the eurorack modular to support those.

All in all, a really, really fun one!


Animation – Radio
Sound Design and Music – Sizzle.Audio